Top 10 Initial Coin Offerings in 2018

Initial Coin Offering projects are the most innovative business projects. In order to implement them entrepreneur attract additional funding from stakeholders. These types of start-ups are usually initiated in the most innovative business sectors.

Stakeholders who invest in ICO business projects run less risk than investing into shares of big corporations. Even if a startup does not work, they will be returned their investment back. This is the reason why this type of business is so attractive to invest in.

The most innovative ICO

There are many ICO projects that are initiated annually. Some of these startups survive, other no. Here are the most effective ICo projects that stakeholders can invest in:

  • Ubex. This start-up aims to generate advertisement campaigns with the help of artificial intelligence. If this business idea is effectively implemented in life, entreprises will be able to lower the cost of advertisement significantly. The cost of using artificial intelligence is far lower than the cost of human work.
  • Tiberius Coin. It is a very rare start-up. It allows to trade precious materials. It is a ICO project that is worth investing. Precious metals will forever be traded on the international market of goods. This ICO was launched in 2018.
  • DREAM. It is a project that each business should support. This start-up aims to develop an program to seek professionals. Employing remote teams can save thousands of dollars for some businesses. Cost efficiency is not the only reason why this is a start-up to invest in. Remote teams usually consist of true professionals.
  • Tip Blockchain. It was launched back in July 2018. This startups helps to create smart users names as well as facilitates sale of cryptocurrency. It is a ICO that will work effectively. Trading crypto money today is a leading trend.
  • ViValid. It is a very valuable business project. It helps to resolve the issues of ownerships. It is a fully decentralised system. It was launched in July 2018.
  • ARAW Token. It is a start-up that is worth investing. It allows fully decentralised payment for e-commerce ecosystem. It deals with cryptomoney.
  • Cubamania. It is a perfect project that aims to educate young children. It is a game based educational platform. This software uses its own robot OS. The project was launched in May 2018.
  • Casper. It is a ICO that helps to manage information flow for the big companies. It is a perfect start-up to invest in. Decentralized data storage is necessary for every big entreprise.
  • Zeex. It is a start-up that follows a very innovative business idea. Zeex application helps to buy different products from the known brands with cryptocurrency. It was launched in July 2014.
  • Treon. It is an application that was designed to facilitate utility payments. It allows to pay utility bills using cryptocurrency. It was launched in June 2018.

These are the most innovative business projects of today. If you would like to invest in cryptocurrency, these are the businesses to put money in. If a person puts money in start-up ICO projects he can’t lose.

Investment in ICO is known as a very low risk investment. Even if the project does not work well, a stakeholder will be returned his money back. If the start-up works well, a person will get enormous benefits.